Next Generation Solar Cell and
Module Laser Processing System
Demonstration Platforms

  • Detailed Objectives

    • Setup of a demonstration platform for laser ablation, isolation and drilling and integration of laser sources, scanner and optical components

    • Setup of a demonstration platform for laser soldering and integration of laser sources, scanners and optical components

    • Integration of high-speed low-force handling systems

    • Integration of on-line process control (wafer positioning, laser beam positioning, beam stability)

    • Evaluation of demonstration system and process capabilities

  • Main Project Achievements
    During the first half of the project Manz designed a flexible machine prototype for the integration of three SOLASYS laser processes: ablation, isolation and drilling. Due to the turbulent market situation in 2010, these activities had to be more and more postponed until Manz decided to discontinue the setup of the machine. Thus, no dedicated demonstration platform was available during the final phase of the project.

    Most of the laser processes for solar cells require highly precise positioning of sample and laser beam. Scanlab developed a new solution to realize robust, flexible and precise measurement hardware. The result is a scanner-based wafer edge detection which makes use of the available hardware - scanner and laser source - without the need for additional stages, cameras or chunky equipment.

    Laser soldering was developed and demonstrated on a commercial stringer machine supplied by Teamtechnik. The machine is able to process 900 cells per hour. The machine includes a visual inspection system for cell orientation, metallization faults and edge breakage, a high precision positioning on a vacuum belt and a string pickup unit with vacuum gripper. The cell transport belt is equipped with heating plates for cell pre-heating before and after soldering.

    At ILT two laser soldering stations were integrated into the stringer machine. One station is equipped with scan heads and the modular diode laser (500 W, 200 µm fiber) supplied by Laserline for quasi-simultaneous soldering. The second stage is equipped with the fixed line optics (160x2 mm² line focus) and high power diode laser (3 kW, 1mm fibre) supplied by Laserline for simultaneous soldering.

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