Next Generation Solar Cell and
Module Laser Processing System
High Speed Scanning

  • Detailed Objectives

    • Setup and integration of high speed galvo scanning systems with up to 20 m/s

    • Large area focusing systems for single step processing of six-inch solar cells

    • Optical solutions for <20 µm focus and adaptive focus size on the sample

  • Main Project Achievements
    Scanlab set up and delivered individual scanning units to the involved project partners for process development. Scanning speeds of 20 m/s are in principle possible with these solutions in combination with 255 mm focusing optics (which allow the processing of six inch wafers without linear axis handling). Due to the scanning geometries used for solar cell processing (typically up to 100 lines of 156 mm length) these speeds can only be reached for short times - acceleration and deceleration make up a large portion of the scanning movement. Nonetheless, typical overall lengths of scanning paths of 15 m can be achieved within one second by Scanlab’s solutions. Due to an integration of z-shifters and/or zoom beam expanders a variable spot size on the sample between 20 and 50 µm can be achieved.

    In addition, Scanlab developed a large toolbox for high precision and high speed scanning applications, enabling high-speed scanner-based wafer edge detection integrated into the laser processing station, ultra-precise positioning of pulses from high-repetition rate laser sources by dedicated synchronization techniques, ultra-fast scanning with up to 100 m/s using adapted galvo scanners, and a simplified automated and highly precise image field calibration routine.

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