Next Generation Solar Cell and
Module Laser Processing System
Description of work The work is divided into nine work packages (WP).
  • WP 0: Specifications
    The purpose of this WP is to design, procure and furnish all WPs with PV test specimens, laser equipment and manufacturing components specifications. It is also in this work package that the demonstration activities within the project will be specified and clearly described.

  • WP 1: Laser Sources for Micro Ablation
    This WP concerns the development and demonstration of an innovative ultrashort pulse laser source optimised for micro and nano scaled laser ablation at very high processing speed on the one hand and on a long pulse high brilliance laser for high speed drilling.

  • WP 2: Laser Sources for Module Interconnection
    Here, the development of innovative laser systems for high speed interconnection of single cells and for interconnection processes within a cell is concerned. Two concepts will be demonstrated for two different interconnection technologies: modular laser diodes for soldering and melting and high brilliance laser for micro welding.

  • WP 3: Scanning and Focussing System
    This WP concerns the development of a system for high speed scanning of the laser beam on large surfaces by simultaneously assuring the high beam quality of the used lasers and the small spot sizes, which are necessary for the manufacturing processes of solar cells and modules.

  • WP 4: System Integration
    The objective of this WP is the integration of the main new laser components and processes into one PV manufacturing system, where the different laser processes can be demonstrated and evaluated under manufacturing conditions.

  • WP 5: Laser Processes
    In this WP suitable process layouts and processing parameters for the five central laser processes are determined. These will be demonstrated within the demonstration equipment at high efficiencies and productivities.

  • WP 6: Technology Validation
    The overall objective of WP6 is the validation of the selected and improved laser processes for PV manufacturing with respect to ultra high speed micro structuring for various PV applications and new laser based interconnection technologies with very low stress and heat input.

  • WP 7: Technology Training
    The objective of this WP is the training of technical staff and students at the demonstration equipment on new laser ablation and joining technologies.

  • WP 8: Project Management
    This work package aims at providing leadership to the project and enabling and supporting effective collaboration for SOLASYS.

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